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if Jin was in b1a4 this would be a b1a4 blog

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WHy is everyone still reblogging this??? It’s been 4 months



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Listening to Bangtans new album

Listening to Bangtans new album

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Bangtan’s new subgroup

Bangtan’s new subgroup

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You the breh, man


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You guys are really weird



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I like your blog so much, then I read the description, 'We like Jin mostly tbh.' GDI, I'm Jin biased, too. Keep it up brehs XD


thx breh! jin>bts

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Rule #1: Always post the rules.

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Rule #4: actually tell them you tagged them

I was tagged by : taehyungholic thx for tagging us

1. What is your favorite BTS song?

Chu: Spine Breaker probs.

Powder: lol none? Bulletproof maybe

2. How long have you been into kpop?

Chu:3/4 years. but rn, idk, I don’t listen to that much kpop anymore. I like sasuke rap better

Powder: ehhh 3 years? I think when exo’s teasers came out i was just getting into suju

3. Who is your BTS bias?

Chu: Jin is the only one that doesn’t make me cringe. And he’s so precious :3

Powder: Same as Chu… I like the manager too

4. Who is your ultimate kpop bias?

Chu: Girl’s Day Hyeri, who else? She is perfection.

Powder: hyuna or yura but i also like luna

5. Which member of BTS do you find the funniest?


Powder: pfff

6. Which BTS member would you date?

Chu: Kim Possible

Powder: the richest one

7. On a scale of 1 to 10 how extreme was your reaction to the mv for BTS - Danger?

Chu: 3 - secondhand embarrassment like wow

Powder: the song wasn’t as bad as i thought? but that one dance move 2 the beginning where they raise their hands up and squat was so awkward omg… maybe a three?

8. Where are you from?

Chu: Emperor Kuzcos Palace lol. no but illy i live in the coral reefs of hawaii.

Powder: Are there even coral reefs in Hawaii? i’ve never been

9. Do you dance?

Chu: “Do you know bounce?”

Powder: lmao

10. Do you sing?

Chu: Only when I’m accompanied by bagpipes.

Powder: lmao

11. Favorite food?

Chu: peanut butter toast. (pls pi-gone ye)

Powder: Sweet potatoes and mangoes 

Questions for the people that we tag:

1. Do you know bounce?

2. Have you listened to the amazing songs on our blog?

3. Are you hella rn irl?

4. What is each bangtan members spirit greek mythology creature?(or like 3 of them?)

5. Most deep line in Bangtan’s “Boy in Luv”?(good luck there’s so many)

6. Cutest baby pigeon picture you can find?(theres many here too)

7. Whats your name idk

8. Where is your third cousin on your dads side from?

9. do you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain????

10. are you a dancing queen only seventeen? you can dance take a chance having the time of your life.

11. But who is Pigeon? (trick question no one knows who pigeon is)

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ddokbokkiismymiddlename (you dont know me irl but ey), putin, obama, bangtan, north korea, billy maize, hey can i tag you hailade is that cool idk you probs dont really know we exist but eyyy, beyonce, pigeonboi69 the bae, bakchikiisgod hella, uhhh how many do we have to tag? anyone can do it brehs seriously tho all our followers are tagged on this 

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oldest joke in the book but i thought it was relevant because our jimilluminati post is getting “popular” again lol why. anyways thanks for 666 followers illy even though only like 0 of you read these. thx breh 


oldest joke in the book but i thought it was relevant because our jimilluminati post is getting “popular” again lol why. anyways thanks for 666 followers illy even though only like 0 of you read these. thx breh 

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Billy Ray Cyrus As Robby Stewart - Hannah Montana